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          The tradition continues
          at Red Pine Camp
          for Girls

          We are committed to inspiring and enabling young women to reach their full potential in a safe, healthy, and fun environment.

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          Session 1
          begins in:


          Red Pine Camp is a traditional residential summer camp in Wisconsin’s Northwoods for girls ages 7-15, founded in 1937. Serving 135 girls, campers may join us for the entire 8-week summer season or choose from one of our 4-week sessions. Red Pine also offers a 2 week introductory program for those 1st time campers.Red Pine Camp is American Camping Association, ACA, accredited. We invite you to browse Red Pine's website and see what makes Red Pine so special.

          2020 session dates

          • Eight week session
          • First session
          • Second session
          • June 14 - August 8
          • June 14 - July 11
          • July 13 - August 8
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